About this store

Tinloof built this online store to showcase how headless Shopify integrated with Sanity headless CMS powers superior shopping experiences.

Shopify connects with Sanity thanks to the Sanity Connect plugin, enabling store owners to not only display products on their ecommerce, but also create stories around products thanks to the content editing experience offered by Sanity.

It possible to easily create an infinite number of pages with Sanity CMS, and create engaging elements like the one below, where we can embed products directly in our content, making the shopping experience seamless.

The frontend is built with the Remix framework, to achieve peak page speeds and ensure fresh content with SSR.

If you are new to the headless CMS concept, we invite you to read this intro article "Explain Like I'm Five: Headless CMS".

Tinloof T-Shirt

50.00 EUR
Tinloof T-shirt comes in different colors. Wear it by itself or with a jacket or blazer, you'll always look good regardless.

Embed collections of products

Since we have full flexibility on the layout and content of pages, we also made it possible to embed collections of products.

You can create a landing page in minutes and embed the collection in it directly so your shoppers can interact with the products on the same page.

To see the behind scenes, we invite you to read the Tinloof Store case study.
Thermo Bottle79.99 EUR
2 Colors
One size
Tinloof Cap25.00 EUR
2 Colors
One size
Tinloof Hoodie65.00 EUR
2 Colors
3 Sizes

Interactive elements

Thanks to the headless architecture, we're able to create exceptionally custom experiences, like the one below where you can add an image and link to a product directly from the CMS.

Click on the buttons to open a quick view of the product.
Tinloof Merch